Do you want to feel included in conversations during family get-togethers?

Does this sound like you?

'I'm tired of having someone translate for me'

'I want to feel like I belong, and most importantly be able to teach my children with time'

'I am a DNA-tested african and I want to learn to speak Igbo' 

Nnọọ (Welcome)

You're in the right place 

The Igbo Speakers Bootcamp is my signature program where I walk you through sentence formulas and show you how to start and hold conversations in Igbo so you can bond more with your family.

By the end of this bootcamp, you’ll have loads of conversation practice under your belt as well as scripts to pull out and use in your conversation with your dear ones as and when needed.

Akaebe (Testimonial):

‘I had an awesome experience with the Igbo speakers boot camp. I feel more confident now when I speak. I was taught the difficult consonant blends and vowel harmony. I also learned how to use pronouns and nouns interchangeably. My favorite thing to learn is conjugating verbs. I am very satisfied having taken part in the boot camp.’ (Gee Jay; Atlanta, Georgia)  

Here's what you'll get...

8 x Live weekly online sessions to get coaching from me, instant feedback and answers to your questions 

Pre-recorded video lessons (20 + videos) and everyday language essentials so that you can speak confidently from day 1 

The verb root formula so you can continue to effortlessly make new sentences even after you have finished the program 

Conversation scripts to enable you initiate and hold conversations on a variety of topics. 

Inclusion into your very own accountability group


A downloadable verb list of more than 140 verbs to make your own sentences 

Audio Download to listen to on the go!

Join the VIP Waitlist

This is for you because:  

You prefer more hands on teaching from a coach

You enjoy learning and practising in a group

You are ready to speak Igbo with your family

You want to connect with your roots

  You want to be able to teach your children Igbo  


When does it start ?  

Join the waitlist to be in the know!  

Is it in person or online?  

The live sessions are online via Zoom.  

How long are the live sessions?  

1 hour long, 10 -11pm BST; on Tuesdays, every week for 8 weeks  

How many in a group? 

6 people maximum

Will I be able to speak and practise during live sessions? Certainly, You do conversation ‘role plays’ and ask questions during live sessions

I’ve never spoken Igbo before, is it for me? Certainly! You’ll start speaking from day one while you learn

How much time will this take me?  

We meet weekly for 1 hour. The rest of the time, you are practising independently or with your study buddy as much as you want. I would suggest to schedule in 30 mins a day for at least 5 days a week to learn. And seize every opportunity daily to practise speaking .  

What if I am unhappy with the bootcamp?  

If you’ve done your weekly challenges, shown up for at least 2 live calls and feel you haven’t learnt anything, let me know within the 1st 30 days and you will get a full refund.  


How long do I have access to the resource?  

You have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like. Note, live calls are for 8 weeks. For the rest of the material, you have ongoing access.  

Please can you remind me everything that’s in the program? Yes of course.

8 x live weekly sessions with me to coach you live and get instant feedback

Language essentials to get you conversing from day 1

The verb root formula to enable you make sentences even after the program

Quizzes to track your progress and help you practise independently

Easy to remember conversation scripts so you are not stuck during a conversation

Your very own accountability group!

And the BONUSES…

A downloadable verb list of more than 140 verbs to make your own sentences 

Audio Download to listen to on the go  

'As someone whose first language is not Igbo; I appreciate the fact that each lesson is bite-sized and not overwhelming. Can’t wait to surprise my in-laws. Thank you so much’. (Samuel, UK)